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Power Over Prolapse e-course

Have you ever had any of the following questions or concerns about prolapse?

  1. What is pelvic organ prolapse? 
  2. How do I know if I have it? 
  3. Could the symptoms I'm having be due to prolapse? 
  4. Will I need surgery to fix it? 
  5. Will sex make it worse? 
  6. What exercises can I do to help with prolapse? 
  7. Will I have to live with a vaginal bulge forever? 

ALL these questions and more are answered in this course taught by pelvic health physical therapist, Jeanice Mitchell, PT, MPT, WCS, BCB-PMD who wants to help you on your journey!

When you purchase the Power Over Prolapse e-Course, you'll get lifetime access to the most value packed, step-by-step course to master your education so that you can have power over your prolapse symptoms.

This course is next level and is going to blow your socks away!

When I was first diagnosed with prolapse, I experienced many of the same questions, doubts, fears, and questions that you have. This course is what I wish I would have had when I first discovered I had prolapse over 20 years ago! 

This course is based on current research, my clinical experience, and my own personal experience with prolapse.

  1. The first portion of the course is full of research and information to help you understand what is going on in your body. 
  2. The middle part of the course talks you through the options to have power over your symptoms, and the research behind those options. 
  3. The latter part of the course takes you through the basics of pelvic floor muscle training, as well as other DIY strategies, and gives you the tools to advance at your own pace.

My sincere hope and desire is that this course will enable you to be empowered and to have POWER over Prolapse. I want to give you the tools to do WHAT you love with WHO you love without pain, pressure, or leaks. 



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*Once you purchase the course, there are 2 ways to login: 

1) Use the link in the email that Kajabi sends you (check spam/junk inbox if you don't see it quickly)

2) Go to myPFM.com and click on "login to my course".  Use the same email address and password you use to purchase the course. 

If you have ANY problems, email Jeanice at [email protected]


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What People Are Saying:

Jeanice is absolutely the best! She present on the topic of POP in such a respectable, knowledgeable and manageable manner! The course is very well structured in modules and accessible. Covers all the topics for self care for prolapse and guides you to get power over prolapse!


Wow! Amazing job you have done! What a lot of work and commitment you have put into this! What a lot of knowledge and information you have presented in such an enthusiastic, creative, and scientific manner! I have heard pieces and parts of this course from you and what you have shared on Instagram etc., but in this course you really pulled the pieces all together and made a complete package. It helped to solidify my understanding in a number of areas. I believe you answered any questions I may have had and gave me information and strategies and interventions to continue dealing with my prolapse but not to be discouraged! Thank you so much! ♥️


Jeanice’s course is easy to understand and delivered in a professional yet fun and informative manner. I highly recommend it for any woman suffering from Pelvic Organ Prolapse no matter what stage you are at with your journey (suffering symptoms, newly diagnosed, considering treatment options, wanting to live a full and active life). It took me 9 years of self education and personal research to learn about all aspects of Pelvic Organ Prolapse and I am still learning. The “Power Over Prolapse” course covers every aspect that I have learnt in just a few hours. If this course had been available when I was first suffering symptoms and eventually diagnosed it would have saved me countless hours diving down the Google rabbit hole searching for good quality, evidence based information and enduring the frustrating aspects of discerning what is myth, what is conjecture, what is hype and what is evidence based as well as trying to understand clinical studies/articles/reports written by and for scholars and medical professionals and their terminology. Bronwyn Ford

Bronwyn Ford